Trident Wolf Eclipse | Deluxe Silver Vinyl Boxset


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watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse | Deluxe Silver Vinyl Boxset
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This box set is limited to 3000 copies worldwide and includes the following items, which will only be available in this box:

– “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on silver 12” vinyl, in a 3 panel gatefold LP sleeve with exclusive photos and artwork, along with a gatefold sized insert. – “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on CD in a paper sleeve with exclusive artwork. – “Antikrists Mirakel” 7” EP - the appendix track of “Trident Wolf Eclipse” on vinyl with exlusive artwork by H. Jonsson. – “20 Years of Watain” – 40 individual flyers and photos documenting the first 20 years of Watain. – “Trident” paint stencil – Double sided poster (60×30 cm) with exclusive artwork

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Nuclear Alchemy (03:10)
  2. Sacred Damnation (04:41)
  3. Teufelsreich (04:26)
  4. Furor Diabolicus (4:43)

Side B

  1. A Throne Below (04:09)
  2. Ultra (Pandemoniac) 04:01
  3. Towards The Sanctuary (04:54)
  4. The Fire Of Power (04:42)

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