Rebirth By Blasphemy | CD+Jacket Bundle

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  • Limitiertes Upside-Down Kreuz Digipak (EU exklusiv)

Track Listing:

  1. Fucking Speed and Darkness
  2. Rebirth By Blasphemy
  3. Escape The Grave
  4. Devil’s Excrement
  5. Rising Scum
  6. Warning From The Reaper
  7. Cursed Possessions
  8. Raw Attack
  9. The Sounds of Hell
  10. You Can Drag Me Through Fire

Bell | Satin Jacket


A comfortable, standard-fitting black satin jacket from Midnight, featuring the band’s logo as a 3.75” embroidery on the front, and the bell design printed on the back.


Die Cut Logo Patch, Größe ca. 10cm

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