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Forward by Playboy Executive Editor Jason Buhrmester

“He Ain’t No Vargas” is a limited edition book containing an extensive collection of grease pencil nudes utilizing playboy magazine covers as canvases by Derek Hess. The pieces were created using 1960s and 1970s era Playboys—the very same issues Hess first discovered as a fourth grader. The nostalgia brought back by the taboo material of Hess’ childhood made the project even more fun for the artist. Drawing loose and fast, Hess was able to capture the vibrant feeling of the figure.

The book has drawings spanning from the beginning of his experimentation with Playboys back in 2010 all the way into his most recent works done in August 2013. “Vargas” refers to the artist Alberto Vargas, who was responsible for the pin-up nudes in Playboy for decades, and the book title is a tongue in cheek shot at Hess and his ability to draw. Hugh Hefner gave his personal blessing perhaps giving the book the highest praise one can receive from Playboy magazine.

Finish Size: 7.5×9.75 inches

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