Still | Opaque Grey 12 Inch EP


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Track Listing

  1. Second Person
  2. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head
  3. I’ve Paid (Recognize)
  4. Steady Hands at Seattle General
  5. Repeat Motion

Pressing Information

First Pressing

20 Test Pressing (Black)

200 Coke Bottle Clear (Available in 2013 Subscription Series)

300 Clear Dark Blue

500 Opaque Grey

Product Information:

Citing influences like Quicksand, Silent Majority, Avail and Lifetime, In Between meld post-punk, post-hardcore and pop-punk styles to create a complex sound that is uniquely their own. Grinding riffs and emotionally charged vocals abound as In Between charge through five new songs on Still, pushing and exploring the boundaries of their music each step of the way.

“We wanted to make a darker, more raw recording,” says French. “Both the band and producer/engineer Taylor Young worked to capture the honest sound of a band playing in a room. We put as much as we could into making each song representative of us as a band.”

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