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  1. The Devil on Nobel Street
  2. Reeperbahn
  3. Transparent
  4. The emperor’s new clothes
  5. Darkness over Eslöv Street
  6. Get out of bed
  7. Holy Schizophrenia!
  8. Bankruptcy
  9. Beast
  10. $ 5900
  11. 1993

From the self-assured and driven stomp of the title-track, through folksier first single “The Emperor’s New Clothes” , choir-enhanced power of “Bankruptcy”, and to the dark dynamism of “Reeperbahn”, Sounds Like Violence throw out challenges to the listener at every opportunity on …Nobel Street.

With subject matter here veering between abandonment, loss, the endless search for happiness and the eschewing of a stable life in the pursuit of greatness, Sounds Like Violence have been channeling their loves, their hates, their agonies and their ecstasies into a record of searing and unique indie rock.

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