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  1. Farewell My Hell
  2. Birdie
  3. Cash Or Clash
  4. Shut You Out
  5. Biftek Supernova
  6. My Name Is Golden
  7. Ray
  8. Novo
  9. Simple Twist Of Hate
  10. Stalemate
  11. Mooseman’s Jukebox
  12. Hard Times

“Kingwood” is an album both looking forward and backwards; Forward in the sense that the band is continuing to develop the more rock-oriented side of the band, as heard on the latest album “Home From Home” in songs like “Kemp”, “Man Or Mouse” and “Black Eye”. Backwards, as in hitting it harder, tougher and faster than in many years; The fast songs on the new album is for sure up there among classics like “Olympic”, “Bullion” and “Mr. Clean”.

The album was recorded in Örebro (Fascination Street Studio) and Gothenburg (Music-A-Matic) with producer Chips Kiesby (that have produced albums by The Hellacopters among others) and UK sound engineer Jim Brumby. The album was mixed by Henryk Lipp.

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