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  1. (It’s Sometimes Like It Never Started)
  2. Love American
  3. Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
  4. Since Always
  5. Calculation-Nation
  6. The Last Supper After Party
  7. Crime Scene
  8. Bluem
  9. AEIOU
  10. Crush Of The Year
  11. No Lotion Could Ever Unclog These Pores
  12. We Killed It
  13. (And It’s Sometimes Like It Will Never End)

Debut album for Burning Heart Records for this Boston hardcore band originally formed in the fall of 1999 as American Nightmare. Following a string of singles and EP’s released on several labels, most notably Equal Vision Records, they released their album debut “Background Music” in 2001. Early 2003 marked their name change to Give Up The Ghost.

Hardcore and Punk might be their format and roots but their approach has been anything but typical. Singer Wes Eisold’s lyrics are marked with wit, sarcasm and brutal honesty. Most importantly they aren’t just slogans phonetically placed over power chords, they are an ardent take on the day to day, without anything obscured and leaving nothing to protect the author. This is the theme that permeates their sound, their imagery and attitude.

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