Real Fear | Grey Vinyl


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12" (€14.50)

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Track Listing:

  1. Blood on the Handle
  2. In the Branches
  3. Poor Dorian
  4. The Moon and The Tide
  5. Sarastro
  6. Pamina
  7. Ghost Whiskey
  8. Baptistina
  9. The Door
  10. Radiation Bells
  11. Real Fear

Vinyl Pressing Information:

First Pressing

  • 20 Rejected Test Pressings (Black)
  • 20 Test Pressings (Black)
  • 200 White (Available in 2012 Subscription Series)
  • 300 Light Blue Transparent
  • 500 Grey Opaque
  • 500 180 Gram Black

Product Information:

Strapped with an arsenal of moody, abrasive guitars, precision bass lines and mathy drumwork, The Casket Lottery return with their strongest album to date, Real Fear; a beautifully cathartic, dreary-dreamlike swirl of grooving riffs that intertwine with singer Nathan Ellis’ relentless vocals that transcend into a euphoric intensity for the dark horse album of the fall.

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