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  1. My Brain
  2. I Know You Didn’t Mean It
  3. Everybody Thinks You‘re An Angel
  4. Let It Come Down
  5. Modest Proposal
  6. Crush
  7. Some Right, Some Wrong
  8. The Way Of The World
  9. Ask Me Nice
  10. Once In A While
  11. I’m Alright
  12. This New Situation

Mose Allison’s new album and ANTI- debut The Way of the World arrives March 22rd, 2010, marking his return to the recording studio after a 12 year absence. Working with maverick producer Joe Henry, Allison has found his most sympathetic setting in years, surrounded by young, vibrant players, who add surprising slide guitar and some sinewy saxophone to the classic Mose sound; The Way of the World also features Mose’ first-ever duet with his daughter, singer Amy Allison.

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