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  1. You Are (The Government)
  2. 1000 More Fools
  3. How Much Is Enough?
  4. When?
  5. Give You Nothing
  6. Land Of Competition
  7. Forbidden Beat
  8. Best For You
  9. Suffer
  10. Delirium Of Disorder
  11. Part II (The Numbers Game)
  12. What Can You Do?
  13. Do What You Want
  14. Part IV (The Index Fossil)
  15. Pessimistic Lines

• Hailed as “Best Album of the Year” by punk bibles Flipside and Maximum Rock N Roll.

• Digitally re-mastered!

• Comes with new artwork!

• Features the classics “You Are (The Government)“, “Do What You Want“, and “What Can You Do?”

• According to fans, the first in BR’s “Holy Trilogy” of albums (along with No Control and Against the Grain)

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