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  1. Change Of Ideas
  2. Big Bang
  3. No Control
  4. Sometimes I Feel Like
  5. Automatic Man
  6. I Want To Conquer The World
  7. Sanity
  8. Henchman
  9. It Must Look Pretty Appealing
  10. You
  11. Progress
  12. I Want Something More
  13. Anxiety
  14. Billy
  15. The World Won’t Stop

• Digitally re-mastered!

• Comes with new artwork!

• Features the songs “I Want To conquer the World“, “Big Bang“, and “You” which were on video games “Crazy Taxi” and “Tony Hawk Pro Skater”

• According to fans, the second in BR’s “Holy Trilogy” of albums (along with Suffer and Against the Grain)

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