Dead Horse X 10th Anniversary | 2xBLK/WHT Vinyl


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2x12" (€74.90)

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Touche Amore (Dead Horse X 10th Anniversary) Deluxe 2x Half Black/Half White Vinyl

– Limited-edition one time pressing hard bound LP-sized book. – Re-imagined cover art by Bart Balboa (Birds In Row) – Metallic silkscreened cover – 2 LP’s on split color black & white vinyl – 148 pages of photos, flyers, writings and ephemera photography from the band’s own archives. Plus, contributions from Angela Owens, Reid Hathcock, Ryan Aylsworth & more. – Foreword by Geoff Rickly

LP 1 (2019) – Re-recorded LP with current band lineup

Guest vocals from Geoff Rickly (Thursday)

& Jeff Eaton (Modern Life Is War)

Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge)

LP 2 (2009) – Original LP

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. And Now It’s Happening In Mine
  2. Honest Sleep
  3. Cadence
  4. Throwing Copper
  5. Swimming With Sharks
  6. History Reshits Itself

Side B

  1. Suckerfish
  2. Broken Records
  3. Nine
  4. Always Running, Never Looking Back
  5. Adieux
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