Precambrian | 3xBlack Vinyl


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metal-blade - Precambrian | 3xBlack Vinyl
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Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Hadean [The Long March Of The Yes-Men]
  2. Eoarchaean [The Great Void]
  3. Palaeoarchaean [Man And The Sea]

Side B

  1. Mesoarchaean [Legions Of Winged Octopoi]

Side C

  1. Siderian
  2. Rhyacian [Untimely Meditations]
  3. Orosirian [For The Great Blue Cold Now Reigns]

Side D

  1. Statherian
  2. Calymmian [Lake Disappointment]

Side E

  1. Ectasian [De Profundis]
  2. Stenian [Mount Sorrow]

Side F

  1. Tonian [Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind]
  2. Cryogenian
  3. Rhyacian (2017 Studio Version)

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