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mad-drunken-monkey-records - Split | Black 7 Inch
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Die schwarze Vinyl 7 Inch ist auf 350 Stück limitiert.

  • Die tatsächliche Platte kann von der dargestellten Farbe etwas abweichen.

Track Listing:

SIDE A The Sewer Rats

  1. I´m Quitting My Job
  2. My Baby Is At GROEZROCK (And I´m Not)

SIDE B The Juke Box Romantics

  1. Jessica Walker, Texas Ranger
  2. You Boys Like Mexico?

MAD DRUNKEN MONKEY RECORDS proudly presents the new Split EP from THE SEWER RATS and THE JUKEBOX ROMANTICS. Four brand new Pop-Punk-Nuggets! A must have for fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, Bigwig, Alkaline Trio, Lillingtons, Queers, Screeching Weasel, Masked Intruder, Chixdiggit, Riverdales, Copyrights, Bouncing Souls or NOFX! How do you celebrate a transatlantic Pop-Punk love-affair between 3 handsome East-Coast goonies and 4 greasy Europunkers? Yes! You have both bands record 4 brand-new tracks, get some killer artwork and Mad Drunken Monkey/Monster Zero (EUROPE) & Creep Records (USA) to release it on a beautiful 7“ vinyl. Then, you book two romantic tours on each continent and have it all end with a big bang at THE FEST in Gainesville. Voila <3

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