All Grey | Black Vinyl


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mad-drunken-monkey-records - All Grey | Black Vinyl
12" (€15.90)

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Limitiert: 100 schwarzes Vinyl

(Mad Drunken Monkey Records)

Track Listing:

  1. Hearts Minds And Soul
  2. Escaping Reality
  3. All Grey
  4. World Ruins
  5. Down The Local Pub
  6. Honest World
  7. Don`t Break
  8. The Ride Between The Jobs
  9. Going Wild With The Slide
  10. Start Today

Bandcamp: Xenofon Razis

Year 2011 – Xenofon Razis started “shouting” around Athenian pubs as a Punkcoustic Street Folk singer songwriter reputed of his powerful performances, working class background and antifascist lyrics.Webzines have named his style as “Irish Thrash Country Punk” but he claims that he just plays music that comes straight from his heart screaming his guts out with an acoustic guitar and that’s all it!

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