Living Targets | CD


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epitaph-records - Living Targets | CD
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  1. Not Ready To Rock
  2. Let Me In
  3. Soothe Me
  4. Above Us
  5. This One
  6. Disconnected
  7. A-Way
  8. Mirrored
  9. Run, Run
  10. To Be Strong
  11. Summer

The Beatsteaks may have delivered some charged and energetic material in the past, but Living Targets comes barreling out of the gates from moment one and tries its damnedest to never let up. The material here has a sense of urgency that complements the fast-paced songs and enhances the slower material. Hard-rockers like “Let Me In” are played with a powerful grasp of melody and structure, adding a weight to the lyrics that is often missing from their contemporaries.

-Bradley Torreano

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