Don't Give Up On Me | CD


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anti-records - Don't Give Up On Me | CD
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Track Listing & songwriting credits:

  1. Don’t Give Up On Me (Dan Penn / Casron Whitsett / Hoy Lindsey)
  2. Fast Train (Van Morrison)
  3. Diamond In Your Mind (Tom Waits / Kathleen Brennan)
  4. Flesh and Blood (Joe Henry)
  5. Soul Searchin’ (Brian Wilson / Andy Paley)
  6. Only A Dream (Van Morrison)
  7. The Judgement (Elvis Costello / Cait O’Riordan)
  8. Stepchild (Bob Dylan)
  9. The Other Side of the Coin (Nick Lowe)
  10. None of Us Are Free (Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil / Brenda Russell)
  11. Sit This One Out (Pick Purnell)

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