Rain Machine | CD


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anti-records - Rain Machine | CD
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  1. Intro
  2. Give Blood
  3. New Last Name
  4. Smiling Black Faces
  5. Driftwood Heart
  6. Hold you Holy
  7. Desperate Bitch
  8. Love Won’t Save You
  9. Free Ride
  10. Leave the Lights On
  11. Winter Song

Rain Machine is a startling new musical venture from Kyp Malone, known to many as guitarist-singer for soulful art rockers TV On The Radio. For Rain Machine, Malone takes the influences that have always bubbled beneath the surface in TVOR – blues, gospel, 60s jazz, even African music – and brings them to the fore. Performing all the parts himself, Malone has fashioned a deeply personal journey through modern life, looking back, as TVOR so often does, on the weight of the history behind us. The result is a communiqué from the soul – if the Rolling Stones stripped away the glitz to find their emotional core on Exile on Main Street, then Malone has performed the same rite here, in all its murky, mercurial glory. Rain Machine will surprise some TVOR fans, stun others, but all will be transported by this dense, spiritual music.

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