Hurley | CD Deluxe Edition


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epitaph-records - Hurley | CD Deluxe Edition
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Track Listing:

  1. Memories – 3:16
  2. Ruling Me – 3:30
  3. Trainwrecks – 3:21
  4. Unspoken – 3:01
  5. Where’s My Sex? – 3:28
  6. Run Away – 2:55
  7. Hang On – 3:33
  8. Smart Girls – 3:11
  9. Brave New World – 3:57
  10. Time Flies – 4:04

Bonus Tracks:

  1. All My Friends Are Insects – 1:53
  2. Viva La Vida – 4:06
  3. I Want To Be Something – 2:56
  4. Represent (Rocked Out Mix) – 4:13

The influential and Grammy-winning Weezer has always kept the world on its toes. Whether it’s a groundbreaking video tribute to “Happy Days” or the Muppets, a break from the band to attend Harvard, a controversial moustache or a flying dog appearing on the cover, Weezer is never predictable. So when the multiplatinum band teamed up with Epitaph to release their eight album Hurley the band found a way to surprise the world yet again.

Recorded with no label in mind, Hurley is a high-energy Weezer album. Rivers Cuomo stated “you can just hear the sound of people going into the studio and pressing ‘record’ and rocking. There’s just an insane amount of energy.” ( There are collaborations with everyone from Ryan Adams to Elvis Presley collaborator Mac Davis and, according to Cuomo, “There’s no Lil Wayne on it.” The result is a breath of fresh air both in Weezer’s canon and music in general. The mix of 60’s pop, a wall of guitars with lyrics that are both abstract and personal is at the core of what made Weezer a household name. When was Weezer just able to write and record Weezer songs with no outside influence? It’s been a while and this is the spirited result.

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